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Member Information

To view member information, click the username on the Enterprise Management Screen’s member list or the organization member list.

  1. To access member information, first open User Management on the left of the Enterprise Management Screen.

ScreenShot of access to EP member management

  1. Locate the member from the member list and click on the username.

ScreenShot of access to EP member management

  1. The user information will be displayed.

ScreenShot of access to EP member management

Available Information

  • Icon and username
  • Single sign-on authentication status (only applies if the Enterprise has enabled the single sign-on function)
  • Enterprise administrative permissions
  • Date (and time) added to Enterprise
  • Organizations
    • Note: Only organizations that the user can view will be displayed
  • Shared Teams

Modifiable Information

Depending on the user’s permission settings, the following operations can be performed:

  • If the user has “Create Organization” permissions,
    • They can add the member to an organization or delete the member from an organization.
  • If the user has “Change User Permissions” privileges,
    • They can modify the member’s permissions within the scope of their authority, including the ability to match their own settings. If the user has “Add/Delete Member” permissions, They can modify the email addresses of members who have set up single sign-on.