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Update the app’s Distribution Page


Path Params

DISTRIBUTION_KEYstringtrueThe unique key of distribution page. This is last 40 hex digits of URL path after


activebooleantrueEnable or disable the Distribution Page Feature Flag. Change by selecting one of these options.
  • true (Enable)
  • false (Disable)
release_scopestringtrueThe Distribution Page’s privacy settings. Change by selecting one of these options.
  • public (Publicly visible)
  • unlisted (Only available to people with the link)
  • passcode (Password required)
  • authorized_only (Only available to team members with access to the app) ※
※ Only Flexible Plan customers have the authorized_only option.
passcodestringfalseThe Distribution Page’s password. Required if a passcode is set in release_scope.
titlestringfalseThe Distribution Page’s title
release_notestringfalseThe Distribution Page’s release notes


curl \
-H "Authorization: Bearer ${API_TOKEN}" \
-X PUT \
--form-string "active=${ACTIVE}" \
--form-string "release_scope=${RELEASE_SCOPE}" \
--form-string "passcode=${PASSCODE}" \
--form-string "title=${TITLE}" \
--form-string "release_note=${RELEASE_NOTE}"

Result 200

"error": false,
"results": {
"access_key": "${ACCESS_KEY}",
"active": true,
"title": "title of the distribution page",
"release_note": "release note of the distribution page",
"release_scope": "${RELEASE_SCOPE}",
"max_members": 100,
"updated_at": 1709033626,
"application": {
"package_name": "${APP_ID}",
"os_name": "Android",
"name": "name of app",
"version_code": "1",
"version_name": "1.0",
"sdk_version": 21,
"raw_sdk_version": "21",
"target_sdk_version": 32,
"signature": "signature",
"fingerprints": [
"md5": "md5 hash",
"sha1": "sha1",
"sha256": "sha256",
"max_sdk_version": 2147483647,
"min_sdk_version": 21
"lineages": [],
"file_size": 1441970,
"md5": "md5 hash",
"revision": "${REVISION_NUMBER}",
"info": "app info",
"updated_at": 1709000986,
"revision_url": "${ORGANIZATION_NAME}/platforms/${PLATFORM_TYPE}/apps/${APP_ID}/binaries/${REVISION_NUMBER}",
"sdk_abilities": [],
"labels": {},
"path": "/organizations/${ORGANIZATION_NAME}/platforms/${PLATFORM_TYPE}/apps/${APP_ID}"