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Add Member to Organization


Add new users to the group as members. If the user has not registered with DeployGate, an invitation will be sent.

Using username and email

If you invite users to the Organization,specify username or email as a query parameter at least either one. If you use username, the users which username matches from all DeployGate users are added as members. If you use email, add existing DeployGate users which are registered with the specified email addresses as members or send invitations to the email addresses for unregistered users. Users who receive the invitation will be members of the invited Organization automatically after they sign up for DeployGate.

Path Params

ORGANIZATION_NAMEstringtrueOrganization Name


usernamestringfalseDeployGate username
emailstringfalseEmail address registered with DeployGate, or the email address to which an invitation will be sent


curl \
--url "${ORGANIZATION_NAME}/members" \
-H "Accept: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer ${API_TOKEN}" \
--form-string "email=${EMAIL}"

Result 200

"error": false,
"message": "${EMAIL} was invited to ${ORGANIZATION_NAME}"

Result 400