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List Members of Organization


Acquire a list containing user information of all members within an Organization.

Invited Users

Unregistered users even if they should receive the invitations are listed with the property "inviting": true. In this case, the email addresses will be returned as member's name.

Path Params

ORGANIZATION_NAMEstringtrueOrganization Name


curl \
-X GET \
--url "${ORGANIZATION_NAME}/members" \
-H "Accept: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer ${API_TOKEN}"

Result 200

"error": false,
"members": [
"type": "User",
"name": "${USERNAME}",
"icon_url": "${USERNAME}",
"url": "${USERNAME}"
"type": "User",
"name": "${EMAIL}",
"icon_url": "",
"inviting": true,
"url": "${EMAIL}"

Result 400