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Build and upload your app

Build and upload your app

$ dg deploy <filepath to a target Android/iOS project directory>

This command will start building your project and upload an assembled app file to DeployGate.


A target project directory

If it's of Android, the directory should have gradlew file.
If it's of iOS, the directory should have *.xcworkspace or *.xcodeproj.

Upload only

You can upload your app without building by specifying a filepath to an ipa/apk file instead.

$ dg deploy <filepath to apk/ipa file>

Options for dg deploy

dg deploy has several options to improve your delopment life.

Option nameDescription
messageA description of the build
username of user account or organization who is an app owner
distribution-keyA hash of a distribution to be updated. You can get this value from the distribution URL. e.g. a hash of is xyz.
open(macOS only) Open an app detail page of DeployGate web after app has been uploaded.
disable_notify(Only for iOS) If true, e-mail notifications will be disabled for this upload. false by default.
configuration(Only for iOS) Build Configuration which you want to build
scheme(Only for iOS) Scheme which you want to build


$ dg deploy --message 'sample upload for nightly build'
$ dg deploy --user <organization_name>
$ dg deploy --distribution-key <key>