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Add Member to an Organization

Only Owners and Administrators can perform this operation.

If your plan is Flexible or Enterprise plan, only members invited to by the administrator can join the group.

To accompany the release of the Flexible Plan, we have stopped accepting new applications for the Organization Plan (Startup, Business, Large Business). If you are using the Flexible/Enterprise Plan and would like to see how to create a group in Workspace, see Create a group in the administrator guide. If the member you want to invite to the group has not joined Workspace, please contact the Workspace administrator.

On this page, we will explain how to add members to an Organization. To add members to an Organization, you must have a member’s email address or username.

  1. Log in to DeployGate and visit here to see a list of all the organizations you belong to.

ScreenShot of List of organization

  1. Select an Organization to view its Organization Dashboard. ScreenShot of group details

  2. Clicking on the “Member List” button will direct you to the Member Management screen as seen below. ScreenShot of group add member

  3. Click on the “+Invite new member” button. Enter the username or email address of the member you wish to add.

  4. Click on the “Invite new member” button to send an invitation to the user.

If the Invite New Member button doesn’t appear

The Invite New Member button will not appear if the following applies:

  • You are not an Owner or Administrator
  • Your Organization’s trial period has ended

Entering an Email Address

If the email address is not registered with DeployGate, an invitation email will be sent. Recipients can join the Organization by opening the link and creating a DeployGate account or by logging in to their existing account.

Invited users’ email addresses will appear on the Member List in the “Invited” section.

ScreenShot of Add Member

Entering a Username​

(Also applies if an email address is already associated with a DeployGate account) The user will be added to the Organization immediately and their username will appear on the Member List.

Invited members must be added to a team

Invited members do not have any permissions until they are added to a team, so they cannot view any of the Organization’s apps. To share apps with members, they must be added to a team. Invited users can be assigned to teams even if they have not registered for an account.

Team Member Management