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Distribute Apps with Link Distribution

On this page, we will explain how to distribute apps uploaded to an Organization usinga URL.

DeployGate offers two methods of app distribution - Member distribution and Link distribution

For more information about the two distribution methods, please visit here.

0.Preparation Work​

Please go to the dashboard, select the relevant app, and check the app details screen to verify that the application is uploaded. ScreenShot of Select App from Dashboard

1. Create Distribution Page​

If you would like to use a URL to distribute an app (Link distribution), create an “App Distribution Page” for each app to be distributed.

  1. On the right side of the app details screen, click on "Create a link".

ScreenShot of Select App from Dashboard

  1. After you click on the button, the distribution page will be created and the following screen will appear. ScreenShot of show link page

2. Set Up Distribution Page​

The distribution page, accessible to testers, can be configured to accommodate your users’ needs. The following settings are optional. Apps will be distributed with the default settings if you choose not to modify the settings.

Change the Distribution Page’s Design​

ScreenShot of show link page

  1. After the distribution page is created, select "Appearance" from the menu on the left side of the page.
  2. To make a field visible on the distribution page, click on the appropriate checkbox.
  3. Edit the fields (title, description, etc.) as necessary.
The Title, Leading Text, and Description are editable.

The title and other information set by default are displayed in Japanese or English, depending on the language used when creating the distribution page.

  1. Click on "Update Settings".

  2. Select "Distribution Page" from the menu on the left side of the page to verify that the changes have been saved.

Change the Distribution Page’s Privacy Settings

ScreenShot of show link page

  1. Select "Settings" from the menu on the left side of the page.
  2. Open the Privacy setting drop-down menu.
Privacy Setting
Only team members with access to the topOnly accessible to people who belong to the team added to the app.
Only Enterprise Organizations members can select this option.
Require passwordOnly accessible to people who know the password.
After selecting "Require password", a password settings box will appear. Enter your desired password.
UnlistedOnly accessible to people who know the link.
PublicPublicly available and can be indexed by Google, etc.

Notification Settings​

Various chat tools can be sent live notifications when the distribution page registers activities. Your development can proceed more smoothly if, for example, you’re notified when new testers join or when someone adds a comment. Please visit here for more information about notification settings.

3. View Statistics​

View Important Distribution Page Information​

Click on "Statistics" for an overview of activities, including information about the number of downloads.

ScreenShot of statistics

View Activities​

View a list of the distribution page’s activities by going to "Recent Activities". You can view the last 10,000 activities that take place within your plan’s log retention period.

*Please visit here for each plan’s log retention period

View Devices Participating in the Test​

View a list of devices that have used the distribution page to install the app.

ScreenShot of list of device

View and Post Comments​

View comments that participants have posted through the app.

ScreenShot of comment

Click on "New Post" at the top right of the screen to post your own comments.

ScreenShot of comment

All comments are shared with all participants

All comments posted are shared and will be visible to everyone using the same distribution page, including all users (both testers and developers) participating in the test. Comments can be viewed through the app or a browser.