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Build and Upload Apps

deploy Command

To upload an app, run dg deploy within the target project’s directory. (For Android, use the directory with the gradlew file, and for iOS, use the directory containing *.xcworkspace or *.xcodeproj).

dg deploy

Running this command will start the project build and will upload the built app to DeployGate.

Alternatively, you can upload the app directly by specifying the IPA/APK file parameters.

dg deploy /path/to/app.apk

deploy command has a variety of options, including --message option, which allows you to add messages to uploads.

deploy Command Options

deploy command has the following available options.

Option NameDescription
messageDescription of uploaded file
userUpload target’s username or Organization name
distribution-keySpecifying the distribution page’s hash (the “xxxx” portion of the distribution page’s URL /distributions/xxxx) will update the distribution page
openAfter an upload finishes, the app details screen automatically opens in a browser (macOS only)
disable_notifyDisables email notifications when uploading (iOS only)
configurationSets the Build Configuration for the build (iOS only)
schemeSets the Scheme for the build (iOS only)


Add a message to a build
  dg deploy --message 'sample upload'
Upload to the Organization
  dg deploy --user ${organization_name}
Update the distribution page
  dg deploy --distribution-key ${distribution_key}