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Welcome to the DeployGate Enterprise User Guide

Welcome to the DeployGate Enterprise Guide.

On this page, we will explain how to use the DeployGate Enterprise Plan. This guide is intended for Enterprise administrators.

Please visit here for more information about the services and benefits of the DeployGate Enterprise Plan.

Start Using DeployGate Enterprise​

DeployGate Enterprise allows you to manage members across multiple Organizations. Learn more about how to start and use the Enterprise Plan. The Enterprise Plan offers a 45-day free trial period.

Manage Enterprise Members​

Administrators can manage Enterprise members by accessing the Enterprise Admin Console. Enterprise administrators can invite members to the Enterprise, assign roles, manage member information, delete members (useful when employees separate from your company or organization), and more.

Manage Organizations​

On the Enterprise Plan, it’s possible to create multiple Organizations within the Enterprise and manage those Organizations. Please visit the Organization User Guide for more information on how to manage Organizations.

Shared Teams​

In an Enterprise, you can consolidate your organization’s members into teams to create Shared Teams. Shared Teams can be assigned to your Enterprise’s Organizations as Testers.

Enterprise API​

Various Enterprise APIs are available. Please view the Enterprise API Reference Guide for more information.

Single Sign-On​

Single Sign-On is available on Enterprise Plans. G Suite Authentication and SAML Authentication are supported.