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Individual Organization Versus Corporation & Organization Plan Organization

On this page, we will explain the differences between the “Individual Organization” and the “Corporation & Organization Plan Organization.”

Log in to DeployGate and visit here to see a list of all the organizations you belong to.

ScreenShot of List of organization

  • Organizations displayed under “My Organizations” are Individual Organizations.
  • Organizations displayed under “Organizations” are the Organizations with the paid Corporation & Organization Plans (Startup, Business, Large Business).

Individual Organizations​

On this page, Individual Organizations are those displayed under “My Organizations.”

  • When you sign up for a DeployGate account, you can use an Individual Organization for free.
  • The Individual Organization’s name is the account name that you chose when you signed up for a DeployGate account.
  • Individual Organizations have limited features and functionality.
  • Please visit this page for information on how to set up an Individual Organization.
Your Plan Type May Vary

Due to our ongoing service updates, we are concurrently offering both Current Plans and Old plans. If you signed up for a DeployGate account prior to the launch of our Current Plans, you may be on an Old Plan. If you would like to view your account details, please log in to DeployGate and click here.

Alternatively, go to Account Settings > Plans.
*Please note that Old Plans cannot be modified. Changes may require you to cancel your Old Plan and subscribe to a Current Plan.

Corporation & Organization Plan Organizations

We currently offer three plans for Corporations & Organizations - Startup, Business, and Large Business. On [this] page(, the Organizations displayed under “Organizations” are the Organizations to which you’ve been invited as an owner or a member.

  • For Corporation & Organization Plan Organizations, you can create an unlimited number of distribution pages.
  • There is a 30-day free trial period.
  • Please visit this page for information on how to create an Organization. If you have not joined an applicable Organization (Corporation & Organization Plan), the “Organizations” list will not appear.
Types of Corporation & Organization Plans

Please visit here for more information about the Corporation & Organization Plans, including the similarities and differences between the Startup, Business, and Large Business plans.

If you are logged out of DeployGate or do not have an account, please visit this page.