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DeployGate SDK for Android

DeployGate allow you to distribute your apps just by uploading their apk files, but DeployGate SDK integration can accelarate your app development more.

DeployGate SDK is available for Android 2.1 at minimum except several features. Such features requires Android >= 4.0 with DeployGate Client app whose version is 1.7.0 or newer.

The current latest version is .


Please add a dependency of DeployGate SDK to your build.gradle or build.gradle.kts if Kotlin DSL is used.

ext.deployGateSdkVersion = "<the sdk version>"
val deployGateSdkVersion by extra("<the sdk version>")
dependencies {
implementation "com.deploygate:sdk:$deployGateSdkVersion"
dependencies {

Then sync with Gradle files if you are using Android Studio, build and upload your app to DeployGate. You will be able to view crash reports and launch reports for example.

Gradle Plugin will be your help to upload your apps.

NOTE: The current SDK will make itself active automatically through ContentProvider, but you need to add DeployGate.install(this) to your Application#onCreate in some cases:

  • Your app is a multi-process app
  • You want to use SDK whose version is less than 4.0.0