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Remote LogCat - Fetch LogCat from Testers Remotely

DeployGate provides a feature to fetch LogCat remotely, which is called Remote LogCat.


SDK will transfer LogCat in a device through DeployGate client app by selecting the device on the DeployGate website.

It's triggered by Firebase Notification, so this feature do not work on devices which have no Firebase.

Android 4.1 and higher (min sdk 16 and higher)

This feature is enabled by default. Both of SDK and DeployGate client app do not need any additional configuration.

Android 4.0 and lower (min sdk 15 and lower)

You need to add android.permission.READ_LOGS permission to your app manifest in this case. If the permission does not exist, SDK cannot read LogCat anyway.

Steps to enable

Modify AndroidManifest.xml of your app.

<manifest ...>

Then assemble your app and upload it to DeployGate. Please check this feature works by following Usage section, and make sure the version which you has uploaded in the previous step on your device.