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Getting Started

dg is usefl on macOS and Linux. dg allows you to build, upload your app, add UDIDs to your Provisioning Profile by simple commands.

Running environment

We recommand you use macOS 10.9 or higher, but dg works with Ruby 2.0 or newer even on Linux and Windows.

iOS app build is not available except for macOS


You can install this easily by following the guide. If you have logged in DeployGate, this method let you skip setting up api token, etc.

Install from Gemfile (if you want)

gem "deploygate"
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec dg --version

Then, please read Other commands and retrive API token information.

How to use


dg command is a Ruby gem package. The code is hosted on GitHub so please visit DeployGate/deploygate-cli to catch up the latest information.

Bug reports and requests

We are using GitHub issues as a bug tracker. Please feel free to join us. We welcome your reports, idea, and requests.

How to uninstall

dg is a Ruby gem so you can uninstall dg command through gem.

$ gem uninstall deploygate