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Command Line Tools

In just a few simple steps, the dg command helps you build and upload apps.

Use the dg command line tool. With a single command, you can perform several common actions, such as building and uploading apps to be distributed and adding UDIDs to the Provisioning Profile (required for iOS).

System Requirements

dg command is recommended to use with OS X 10.9 or later, but it can also be run on Linux or Windows with a development environment of Ruby 2.0 or later. Depending on your system, install yum or apt-get on Linux, or with on Windows.


Please note that command line tools will not function with Ruby 3. Use Ruby 2 instead.


Please visit this page to install.

Check dg Command Version

You can verify the installation status by running dg --version.

$ dg --version
dg x.x.x

Source Code

dg command is an open source Gem package written with Ruby. Check out GitHub!