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Upload with fastlane

If you are using fastlane to build your app, you can upload your app with deploygate action.

api_token: 'API Key', # Alternatively, environment variable DEPLOYGATE_API_TOKEN can be specified
user: 'Username OR Organization Name', # Alternatively, environment variable DEPLOYGATE_USER can be specified
message: "Fastlane build #{lane_context[SharedValues::BUILD_NUMBER]}",

If you add deploygate action to Fastfile as in the above example, you can use

fastlane deploygate

to upload your app.

deploygate Action Options

The following variables and environment variables can be set.

VariableEnvironment VariableDescription
api_tokenDEPLOYGATE_API_TOKENUser’s or Organization’s API Key
userDEPLOYGATE_USERApp owner’s username or Organization name
ipaDEPLOYGATE_IPA_PATHPath to IPA file. gym or xcodebuild users don’t have to set it manually.
apkDEPLOYGATE_APK_PATHPath to APK file. gradleusers don’t have to set it manually.
messageDEPLOYGATE_MESSAGEBuild description message
distribution_keyDEPLOYGATE_DISTRIBUTION_KEYSpecifying the distribution page’s URL hash will update the distribution page
release_noteDEPLOYGATE_RELEASE_NOTEDescription message for updated distribution page
disable_notifyDEPLOYGATE_DISABLE_NOTIFY(iOS only) Setting to “true” will disable email notifications for uploads. The default is “false”.
deploygate Action

For more details, please view the Fastlane document.