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Install DeployGate Android App Directly

To install an app distributed on DeployGate, you first need to install the DeployGate app. Here, we explain how to install the DeployGate app using methods other than Google Play.

Please follow the steps below by clicking the download link.

Download DeployGate Android App

Step 1: Download the File

Clicking the download link will start downloading the DeployGate app. If a warning appears, click "Download anyway."

File might be harmful

Step 2: Open the File

Once the download is complete, a notification will appear. Click "Open" in the notification.

Open download file notification

Step 3: Warning Dialog

Opening the file will display a warning dialog. Click "Settings" to proceed to the settings screen.

Open setting app

Step 4: Allow App from This Source

Enable "Allow from this source" in the settings screen.

Enable allow from this source

Step 5: Install the App

Once enabled, the installation screen will appear. Click "Install" on the screen.

Install app

Step 6: Google Play Protect Warning

As the installation progresses, a Google Play Protect warning will appear. Click "Scan app" to perform the scan.

Step 7: Install the App After Scanning

After the scan is complete, the installation screen will reappear. Click "Install" on the screen.

Step 8: Installation Complete

This completes the installation of the DeployGate app. When you open the DeployGate app, you can continue installing other apps.

Installed DeployGate app