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Saving and Sharing Captures

You must register for a DeployGate account to use the Capture feature.

You must also receive an invitation from the app developer to participate as a member. Please check your inbox for the invitation email.

Update to the latest version of the DeployGate app​

The Capture feature requires you to update to the latest version of the DeployGate app. Please download the latest version of the DeployGate app from Google Play.

Gppgle Play

If you are a new DeployGate user, please visit here more information about installing apps.

Log in to the DeployGate app

Launching the DeployGate app opens a login page. Please log in to your DeployGate account.

DeployGate App Login

After logging in, download the app as specified by the developer. When downloading the app, please see if this message appears - “Capture feature available.”

Capture availablbility check

If the “Capture feature available” message does not appear, the following may apply.
  • You aren’t logged in to your DeployGate account. (Check your invitation email)
  • The DeployGate app is not the latest version.
  • The app and version aren’t what was specified by the developer.
  • If none of the above apply, the developer must verify their settings. Please contact the app’s distributor for assistance.

Configure Permissions​

When the installation is complete, you will see a message informing you that the Capture feature is available. Click on “View details” and follow the instructions to configure permissions and other settings. When complete, you can use the Capture feature.

Popup activation

Configure permissions later

If you tap on “Skip,” you can configure permissions later. Tap the vertical ellipsis (three dots) to open a menu and click on “Settings.” On the next screen, tap on “Capture” and follow the on-screen instructions to adjust the permission settings.

Activation from setting

Save Captures

Open the distributed app and take a screenshot. When taking a screenshot, a notification will appear. Tap to save the Capture.

Push notification after capture

On the next screen, tap on “Save Capture” to save the Capture.

You can edit the Capture from your device.
  • Tap on the image icon to replace the screenshot with another image on your device.
  • You can use the standard OS editing features, such as paint, to mark up and highlight areas of the screenshot.
  • You can add comments to the Notes field.

Save Capture from the Device

Share Captures

The following push notification will appear when you tap “Save Capture.” You can share the URL of your Capture via Slack and other messaging platforms to provide feedback to developers.

Capture Share

Log in to DeployGate and select Capture

All saved Captures can be viewed on DeployGate.

Log in to DeployGate from a browser and select the applicable app from the App List.

Login and select App

Go to the App Details Page to click Open Capture.

Open Capture from App details

Select the applicable Capture from the Capture List.


Selecting a Capture from the Capture List will redirect you to the Capture’s Details Page. In addition to screenshots, the Capture Details Page also displays account details, device information, app version, and other information from the account that created the Capture.

Capture details