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Mar 2024 - Release Notes

· 3 min read

Thank you for using DeployGate.

Here is a summary of updates released in March 2024. This month, we made several changes, including publishing APIs related to the Distribution Page and making some improvements to the iOS Web Client’s information display.

Your feedback is invaluable, as it helps us to improve our services. If you have requests, comments, or concerns about our services, please post on X(Twitter) with #deploygate or contact us.

Web Client Changes

Teams can now be renamed

This change applies to all customers on all plans.

Due to customer feedback, we’ve implemented the ability to rename Teams. Within a Team, go to the drop-down list and select “Rename” to rename the Team.

Please note that renaming a team will invalidate prior URLs for that Team because the URL, by necessity, includes the Team’s name.

Web API Changes

Released a Distribution Page Creation API

Due to customer feedback, we’ve released a Distribution Page Creation API. The previous API could only create a Distribution Page when uploading an app but could not manage its audience or privacy. So, any DeployGate user could potentially access a Distribution Page from the moment of its creation. The new API restricts access to only the app’s administrators upon a Distribution Page’s creation. Customers who require advanced preparations or need to adjust settings before opening up access will benefit from this change.

API Document - Create an App’s Distribution Page

Released an API that updates a Distribution Page’s Revision

Along with the Distribution Page Creation API, we also released an API that updates a Distribution Page’s Revision. Even without an app upload, it is now possible to update the Distribution Revision with CI or other means.

API Document - Update a Distribution Page's Revision

Android SDK Changes

We released version 4.7.1, which allows you to opt out of certain features, including the Crash feature. Please note that all upcoming new features and updates will require at least version 4.7.1, so we recommend that you update as soon as possible.

Version 4.7.0 deprecated

This month, we also released version 4.7.0. However, it has been deprecated because it caused compilation errors in sdk-mock 4.7.0. Please use version 4.7.1.

Gradle Plugin Changes

We released version 2.8.0, which is compatible with Android Studio 8.3.0 (Iguana). It is also compatible with Android Studio 8.2 and earlier, so if you plan to update to Android Studio 8.3 in the future, this latest DeployGate Gradle Plugin will ensure a smooth update process.

Other Changes

There are no updates to the following products.

  • Android Client
  • iOS Client
  • iOS SDK
  • Fastlane