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Jul 2023 - Release Notes

· 3 min read

Thank you for using DeployGate.

Here is a summary of updates released in July 2023. In July, we improved service performance and addressed issues with existing features.

Your feedback is invaluable, as it helps us to improve our services. If you have requests, comments, or concerns about our services, please post on Twitter with #deploygate or contact us.

Service Changes

The sunset of Google Analytics tracking

To coincide with Google’s discontinuation of Universal Analytics (please see the official announcement from Google for Universal Analytics sunsetting), we removed the Google Analytics tracking feature. We will not support Google Analytics 4 or any alternative tracking feature.

Please see our announcement for more details.

The sunset of Social Media Buttons

We provided Social Media Buttons that allowed customers to share distribution pages with social networking services. We discontinued this feature due to limited and waning demand.

Please see our announcement for more details.

Web App Changes

Fix incorrect iOS device names

We fixed an issue in which some iOS device names had incorrect ordinal numerals and letter suffixes (for example, 1th instead of 1st). Customers do not need to take any action.

A confirmation dialog now appears when quitting a Team

A confirmation dialog will now interrupt the Team quitting process to prevent you from accidentally leaving a Team. We also fixed a bug in which an error appeared during the Team quitting process in some cases.

Real-time updates of distribution page statistics are now temporarily disabled under certain conditions

If a particular distribution page has a large number of installed devices, real-time updates of its statistics are now disabled. This is a temporary measure to maintain service levels and reduce interruptions. Real-time updates may be reintroduced at a later date.

Android SDK Changes

We released version 4.5.0, which supports target SDK version 34 (a.k.a Android 14). ref:

There are no other new features or bug fixes.

Gradle Plugin Changes

We released version 2.7.0, which supports Android Gradle Plugin 8.1.0 (Giraffe). ref:

There are no other new features or bug fixes.

Other Changes

There are no updates to the following products.

  • Web API
  • Android Client App
  • iOS Web App
  • iOS SDK
  • Fastlane


As of November 30, 2023, devices and deployment tools that do not support SNI will lose access to DeployGate. Please visit for more details.