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Welcome to the DeployGate User Guide

On this site, we have assembled content that allows you to better understand DeployGate so you can quickly and easily use DeployGate.

  • What is DeployGate?: Don’t know where to start? This gives you an overview of DeployGate and some of its key components.

  • Two Distribution Methods: We offer two ways to distribute applications - Member Distribution and Link Distribution. This guide provides an overview of the two methods.

  • Tutorial: Take a guided tour from account creation through distribution in this beginner’s tutorial.

Signing Up and Initial Set Up​

These documents walk you through the initial stages of using DeployGate. You can also refer to these guides if you would like to modify settings after you’ve signed up.

  • Create Account: You must create an account to use DeployGate.
  • Set Up and Edit Account: Learn more about DeployGate account settings. You can adjust how your profile is viewed by other members (This step is optional.)
  • Upload Apps to DeployGate: Learn how to upload an application after you’ve created a DeployGate account.
  • Download App to Device: Once you’ve uploaded an application, you may want to test it out by downloading it to your own device. This guides you through the process of downloading an app. (This step is optional.)


These features are available with Member distribution. These documents provide an overview of Organizations and their settings.

Team Management​

These features are available with Member distribution. Create teams within an Organization and assign members to those teams to manage access permissions to applications.

  • Create New Team: Learn how to create new teams, which are in addition to the default Administrator and Tester teams.
  • Team Roles: Assign different roles to each team to manage their permissions.
  • Manage Team Members: Learn how to assign your Organization’s members to teams.
  • Manage Team Applications: Learn how to link applications with teams.
  • Delete Team: Learn how to delete a team that you created. The default Administrator and Tester teams cannot be deleted.
  • Edit Team: Learn how to edit a team that you created.

App Management​

  • Upload/Delete App: Learn how to upload an app that you would like to distribute or to delete an app.
  • Update App: Learn how to update an app. The app update notifications vary, depending on the distribution method.
  • Migrate App: Learn how to migrate apps from your personal account on an 1Old Plan1 to an Organization.

To distribute iOS apps to new devices, you must add the UDIDs of those devices. (This may vary, depending on the Apple Developer program you are using)

Member Distribution

Please view these documents when using Member distribution.

Please view these documents when using Link distribution.

  • Link distribution: Learn about link distribution.
  • Install Apps - Link Distribution: A guide for testers to install apps received via Link distribution.

Chat Notifications​

  • Chat Notifications: Send notifications to your favorite chat tools, including Slack, so that everyone on your team stays informed about changes to your apps under development.

  1. Old Plans are plans that DeployGate offered before April 21, 2022. For more details, please visit the FAQ topic. -> What is an Old Plan? How do I find out if I have an Old Plan?