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Chat Notifications

Create an environment in which all team members can be notified of changes in an app's development

By integrating DeployGate with a commonly used chat service, an entire team can share changes that occur during an app's development.By integrating DeployGate with a commonly used chat service, an entire team can share changes that occur during an app's development.

Purpose of Chat Integration

Oftentimes, apps get released with bugs that should have been caught by the development team. Avoid missteps such as "I didn't realize that additional edits were made" and "I thought that the bugs weren't universal, so I didn't notify anyone" that can lead to an app's demise.

Steps can be taken to prevent issues from occurring:

  • Allow testers to be made aware of updates to apps under development
  • Inform developers of app issues immediately
  • Ease communications by using a common platform that all team members view regularly

For example, a message like this on Slack can allow all team members to be notified of an issue and take steps to correct the problem.

ScreenShot of Chat-notification

Using a chat tool, DeployGate can inform all members of an incident. Configure yours now.


Settings can be configured at both the app level or distribution page level.


On the bottom right corner of an app's management page, go to" Notification Settings" and select "Add Notification Settings".

ScreenShot of Chat-notification

Distribution Page

In the case of Link Distribution

On the distribution page, go to "Notification Settings" and select "Create New Notification". ScreenShot of Chat-notification


On the Add Notifications page, select the desired chat service and the desired alert triggering events.

ScreenShot of Chat-notification

If selecting Slack as the chat service, click Add to Slack to open Slack. If you are logged into multiple teams, a team selection page will appear for you to choose a team for the notifications.

From the Post to menu, select the channel you wish to use, and press Authorize.

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Once authorization is complete, you will be returned to the Notification Settings page.

ScreenShot of Chat-notification

:::Using ChatWork As of October 2016, ChatWork API is a preview version, and an application is required to proceed. (Click here for details)

After approval, go to Operations Settings to Acquire API Token. Specify the numeric numbers at the end of URL of Chatwork rid0123456789 as room ID (0123456789). :::

Select "Configure" to complete the process.

If configured correctly, a confirmation will appear as the chat's first message.

ScreenShot of Chat-notification

If this message is not displayed, there may be a problem with the URL or API Token. In such cases, an error message will appear on the Notification Settings page.