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Add/Create Organization

Here, we will explain how to create/add group in Workspace. This operation requires “Create Organization” permissions.

1.To add an organization to the Workspace, first open Organization Management from the left of the Workspace Management Screen.

ScreenShot of Enterprise Select organization

  1. Select the Create button at the top right of the organization list. ScreenShot of Enterprise add group

  2. Enter the organization's name and description (optional) when the Create Organization form opens. The organization name can only contain letters, numbers, and hyphens. (Examples: our-organization, test-project-1234) ScreenShot of Enterprise add group

No Organization Name Changes

An organization’s name cannot be changed once selected. However, you can change desplay name.

  1. Pressing the create button will create the organization, and the Member Management Screen will appear. ScreenShot of Enterprise dashboard

Add members to the organization to continue. See Organization Member Management.