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Import Organization

It is possible for users to import existing organizations into the Enterprise, provided that certain conditions are met.

  • User is an owner of the existing organization
  • User has Enterprise administrative permissions
  • If the organization used PayPal or Credit Card for their payment method, the existing organization has already been canceled.
About Importing

When importing an organization into an Enterprise, all its settings, including organization name, teams and their members, and applications, will be migrated.

  • All members not previously part of the Enterprise will be added as Enterprise members.
    • As a result of this migration, if there is an insufficient number of users to meet the Enterprise contract plan requirements, an error will occur and the migration will not be processed. It will be necessary to either adjust and organize members accordingly or to modify the contracted plan.
  • A shared team that includes the organization’s members will be created for the Enterprise.
    • To keep track of migrated members, {#-organization name} (a shared team) will be created. If it isn’t necessary, it can be deleted.
  • The organization’s applications and teams will be moved to the Enterprise.
    • Existing team names, permissions, members, and applications will all remain the same.
  1. Open the enterprise admin page you want to migrate

ScreenShot of Access to EP admin console

  1. Click to Organization on the left side

ScreenShot of Select EP group

  1. Click the link below

ScreenShot of Import group to EP

  1. You can specify the organization to be migrated Start migration by select the organization to be migrated

ScreenShot of Import group to EP

  1. You will be notified via email as soon as the migration is complete, please wait for a while ScreenShot of Import group to EP