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About Workspace

DeployGate Workspace allows you to manage multiple organizations and users.

ScreenShot of Enterprise dashboard

DeployGate Workspace is a premium service that enhances user and organization management functions for companies and other large entities. It has the following features.

  • Enhanced organization management functions while maintaining DeployGate’s signature distribution abilities
  • Ability to designate multiple administrators, plus the additional option to set permissions at the functional level
  • Restricting organizational membership to Workspace users
  • Workspace Console to manage users across multiple organizations
  • Assign members to shared teams that can be created to span multiple organizations
  • In addition, with Enterprise Plan access control by SSO is provided.

See Using Enterprise for further details.

Workspace Elements

ScreenShot of Enterprise dashboard

DeployGate Workspace contains the following elements.

Workspace MemberA user account managed by the Workspace. In addition to Workspace administrative permissions, a member may belong to multiple organizations with permission settings unique to each organization.
Only members with administrative permissions can access Workspace Admin Console, and all other members can only access the organizations to which they belong.
OrganizationManage multiple users and applications.
Organizations can be created to encompass development projects and/or departments, with members added as required. Organization members manage their applications.
Shared TeamA team that can be shared between the Workspace’s organizations.
By managing QA and testers at the Workspace level, members can be moved between the different organizations on an as needed basis.

Each organization contains the following elements.

Organization MemberUsers who are members of an Organization.
Workspace members can be added to teams in order to access relevant applications.
ApplicationsApplications that are managed by an Organization.Members with administrator or developer permissions with an organization can upload applications.
By linking applications with teams, other members will be able to access applications.
TeamTeams can include multiple members.
An organization can have multiple teams, and when linked with an application, each team can have different access permissions.
Organizations within an Workspace have the following differences from standard Organizations.

Members who are not part of the Workspace cannot be added In addition to standard teams, shared teams across the enterprise can be added There are no limits to the number of members, applications, or teams