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Set Up SAML with Microsoft Entra ID (Formaly known as Azure AD)

This document outlines the process to setup SAML with Microsoft Entra ID. This operation requires “Administrator” privileges

IdP-initiated SAML

Specify urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:persistent for the format of Unique User Identifier (Name ID) and user.objectid for the value. For Additional claims, provide as “email”.

Microsoft Entra ID supports SAML authentication, and you can manage DeployGate accounts using your organization’s Microsoft Entra authentication infrastructure. For specific configuration instructions, please refer to the official Microsoft Entra ID document, “Quickstart: Add an enterprise application.

Please see the following table for the corresponding values between Microsoft Entra ID and DeployGate.

Microsoft Entra IDDeployGate
Identifier (Entity ID)Entity ID
Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL)ACS URL
RelayStateOptional: Specify Enterprise’s main page. Otherwise, omit.

After enabling SAML authentication, you must assign users to the application. Please assign DeployGate as a service provider for the account.

ScreenShot of SAML Microsoft Entra ID

To register the app, go to Microsoft Entra ID, select Enterprise applications, and select Add an application.

ScreenShot of SAML Microsoft Entra ID To register DeployGate, select “non-Gallery application” to configure the settings.