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Change Members’ Email Addresses

Here, we will explain how to change members' mail address. This operation requires "Add/Invite User" permissions, "Delete User" permissions, and single sign-on to be enabled.

This feature is only available to Workspaces with single sign-on enabled
  1. Select User Management from the Workspace Admin Console. ScreenShot of access to EP member management

  2. Locate the member from the member list and click on the username.

ScreenShot of member list

  1. Input a new address that you want to change.

ScreenShot of change address

Users who can change their email addresses on their own cannot have their email address changed with this feature.

If a user has not completed single sign-on linking procedures, their email address cannot be changed. These users can change their email address on their own. Please visit your profile page to change your own email address. Please note that we are unable to bypass these restrictions, even if you contact us. Thank you for your understanding.

Single sign-ons based on email addresses may affect your ability to log in.

When using SAML authentication based on an email address, the email address used with your Identity Provider must match with the email address used with DeployGate. Please be careful when changing your email address.