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Member Permissions

Here, we will explain members' permissions in your Workspace. Each Workspace member has their own permission settings. There are two levels of permission settings – Workspace and Organization – that are independent of one another.

WorkspacePermissions for Workspace-wide operations. Add/Delete Organizations, User Management, and more.
OrganizationPermissions for operations within an Organization.Upload applications, create teams, and more.

Workspace Permissions

Workspace permissions apply to enterprise users and organizations.

Permission Types

The following permissions are available for enterprise users, and can be set individually.

  • Add/Invite User: Add new users to the Workspace.
  • Delete User: Delete users from the Workspace.
  • Change User Permissions: Change permission settings of other users, as long as your own permissions authorize you to do so.
  • Create Organization: Add a new Organization to the Workspace and add/delete organization members.
  • Delete Organization: Delete an Organization from the Workspace.
  • Browse Organizations: View Organizations to which you do not belong. Users without these permissions can only see the Organizations to which they belong.

You cannot change your own permission settings. You must have another user with administrative permissions make the changes for you.

Access Workspace Admin Console

Users with one or more enterprise permissions can access the Workspace Management Screen. Users without enterprise permissions (general users) will not be able to access it.

Preset Permissions

Frequently used settings have been grouped into 3 preset permissions combinations of “Administrator,” “Manager,” and “General User.” All other combinations will be displayed as “Custom” permissions.

PermissionsadministratorManagerGeneral User
Add/Invite User
Delete User
Change User Permissions
Create Organization
Delete Organization
Browse Organization
  • Administrators can view all organizations and can perform all Workspace operations.
  • Managers can perform all operations related to their own organizations, as well as add new users to the Workspace. It is designed for users who manage projects, such as development leaders.
  • General Users are designed for users who do not perform administrative operations, such as team members and testers.

Setting Permissions

Member permission settings can be accessed via Member Information. To change permissions, a user must have the authority to “Change User Permissions.”

Changes to Preset Permissions can be completed using the dropdown menu on the right side of the member list.

Organization Permissions

Organization permissions are set on a team basis, and cannot be set for individual users. These permissions enable the smooth operations of the organization, including uploading new applications or changing team configurations.

Normally, organization owners/administrators will set permission settings for each application that they oversee. For example, there may be a developer team for an existing application. For a new application, an administrator may assign this team to be testers instead, allowing the team’s members to have the flexibility to work on other applications without compromising their own work.

ScreenShot of EP Login

Note that the Workspace Management Screen will not reflect organization members’ team affiliations. Exception: The Workspace Management Screen will have the organization member list display organization owners (administrators) as “owners.”

Permission Types

Organizations have 3 types of permissions, each classified into teams.

  • Administrator: Access to all organization operations concerning applications and teams. Ability to upload new applications, create teams, and add/delete users. Access all of the organization’s applications.
  • Developer: Update the team’s existing applications. Cannot upload new applications or modify teams.
  • Tester: Can only download the team’s existing applications.

Please refer to Organizations for details on teams and how to use them.

Organization Access

Only members who have been specifically added to an organization from the Workspace Management Screen AND have the requisite team permission settings can access organization information.

For Workspace administrators to access an organization’s applications and teams, they must add themselves to the organization first, and if necessary, add themselves as a member of the owner team.