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Add/Delete UDID of New Devices

Add UDID of New Devices to iOS App​

To distribute Ad-hoc builds on iOS to new devices, you must add the UDIDs of those devices to the Provisioning Profile. DeployGate can complete this process by running a single command of dg add-devices.

Add New iOS Devices (Ad Hoc iOS Distributions)

To manually add UDIDs, first go to the app management screen’s options and select “UDID List” to view a list of users and the UDIDs of their devices. Then, register with the UDID Apple Developer Center, obtain a new Provisioning Profile, and use Xcode for the Build Archive Export.

Steps to Create IPA File Using Xcode

Obtain UDID from DeployGate​

DeployGate has a UDID acquisition feature. Use any of the following methods to add a device to the app, and the device’s UDID will become obtainable through DeployGate.

(1) Use the “Send to Your Own Devices” option from the app details page.

ScreenShot of getting UDID

(2) Create a link using the “Distribution by Link” method, then access the link from a test device, and “Join Test.”

(3) Use the app’s “Distribution to Members” method and install DeployGate onto your device as an app’s member.

Display UDID List​

After following the previous steps, selecting “UDID List” on the app details page will display the UDID List of all enrolled devices.

ScreenShot of show UDID ScreenShot of show UDID

The UDID List will display the following. UDIDs registered in the Provisioning Profile UDIDs of devices owned by users invited to the app (including yours) UDIDs of devices that used the distribution page

Deleted Registered UDID​

1. If the UDID is registered in the Provisioning Profile​

Delete the UDID from the Provisioning Profile.

2. Deleting a UDID of a device linked to a user​

Go to “Dashboard” > “Your Devices,” select the applicable device, and click on “Remove iOS Device.”

ScreenShot of show UDID

ScreenShot of show UDID

3. Deleting a UDID of a device linked to a test user​

Go to the right side of the app details screen to the “Testers” section. Open the menu next to the applicable user and select “Remove this user.”

ScreenShot of show UDID

4. Deleting a UDID of a device using the distribution page​

Go to the distribution page management screen’s “Devices Using This Distribution.” Locate the applicable device and select the trash icon to delete.

ScreenShot of show UDID