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Upload Apps to DeployGate

On this page, we will outline the steps to upload applications to an Organization once you’ve signed up for a DeployGate account. After signing up, the following dashboard screen will be displayed.

*Note that this screen will only appear to users who have yet to upload an application.

ScreenShot of To Go TO Account Setting

If You Have an Existing Package

  • If you already have an app’s package (IPA/APK file), drag and drop the file to upload. Please see the above screenshot for the location.

If You Do Not Have a Package

  • If you are using macOS or Linux, install and execute the dg command to automatically build and upload an app. Please copy and paste this command onto the terminal window. Please see the left side of the screenshot above for details.

  • If you are using Windows for Android apps, please see the right side of the screenshot above. Follow these steps to build and upload apps.