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Edit Team

Only Owners and Administrators can perform this operation.

Change Team Description​

Clicking on the team’s description section allows you to enter or edit the description.

  1. Select the applicable team from the Organization Dashboard or the Team List.

ScreenShot of Remove Team

  1. When the team’s management screen appears, click on the box beneath the team’s name to enter or edit the team’s description. ScreenShot of Team administration

The team’s description will appear in the team and on the Organization Dashboard.

ScreenShot of Group Dashboard with Team description

Change Team Role​

  1. To change the team’s role, go to the team’s management screen and click on the role label next to the team’s name. ScreenShot of Group Dashboard for change team role

  2. On the next screen, select the team’s new role. ScreenShot of Select team role

AdministratorAccess to all operations, including adding apps and managing users (some functions are excluded, such as payments)
DeveloperUpdate existing apps and create distribution pages
TesterDownload apps only
Changing from the tester team to the developer/administrator team

If the changes would result in the number of members exceeding the maximum number of developers permitted on the plan, the changes will not be possible. If this is the case, you must reduce the number of people assigned to the team or change to a plan with a higher developer limit.