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Team Application Management

Only owners/administrators can perform this function.

Add Application

To add an application that team members can access, select the desired application from the application list by opening the dropdown menu.

Add Application Option Doesn’t Appear

In the following instances, the add application option will not be displayed:

  • All the applications have already been added
  • You are not an owner/administrator
  • The free trial period has ended

Now, we will associate an app to a team. On the Organization Dashboard, the applications list displays a list of all apps uploaded to the Organization.

ScreenShot of Group Dashboard App

Please visit here to learn more about uploading apps to an Organization

  1. Select the applicable team from the Organization Dashboard or the Team List.

  2. On the team’s dashboard, open the dropdown and select the app you wish to add. Click on the “Add” button.

ScreenShot of group dashboard

  1. The app will be added. Team members will now be able to access the app. ScreenShot of group dashboard

Delete Application

To prevent a team from accessing an application, remove the application from the team.

Click the X in the upper right corner of the application to be deleted.

ScreenShot of group dashboard

A confirmation dialog box will appear, and the application will be removed from the team when OK is selected.

Add/Delete Teams from the Application Management Screen

To add/delete specified applications from a team, visit the “team” section on the right side of the Application Management Screen.

ScreenShot of group dashboard