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What is Capture?

This guide is for app developers. If you are a tester, please visit the tester guide for more information about testing apps under development.

The Capture feature is currently only available on Android apps.


The Capture feature allows you to take screenshots to easily submit bug reports and other errors. When taking a screenshot of an app under development, the DeployGate app automatically obtains app and device information. This information is shared between developers and testers to assist with debugging.

Appearance of Capture

Usage Requirements​

As of 2024, the Capture feature is in open beta. It is available to existing Flexible Plan and Enterprise Plan customers who request access to the open beta. There is no additional charge to use this feature.

Users with Developer permissions (or greater) can apply for the open beta. After logging in, visit<Workspace ID>/capture_feature_activation to activate the feature.

You can also access the open beta application page from teh App Details Page if you are a Developer or Administrator of that app. Open beta applications are processed immediately, so you can use the Capture feature once you meet the minimum system requirements.

Example of cature activation page

Minimum system requirements for the Capture feature

Please note that even if you submit the open beta application, the Capture feature will not function if the app does not meet the following conditions.

  • Enabled the latest DeployGate Android SDK (version 4.7.1 or later)
  • Installed the latest DeployGate app (version 1.16.0 or later)

Using the Capture feature

To use the Capture feature, you must integrate the latest DeloyGate Android SDK (version 4.7.1 or later) into the app and upload it to DeployGate. Please visit Upload DeployGate Android SDK Integrated App for information on how to integrate the SDK.