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Upload DeployGate Android SDK Integrated App

Integrate SDK​

The Capture feature requires Android SDK (version 4.7.1 or later). Please visit here for the latest SDK version.

Please visit here for information on how to integrate DeployGate Android SDK.

Upload to DeployGate

Once the SDK-integrated app is ready, upload the APK or AAB file to DeployGate. Please visit Upload Apps for information on how to upload apps.

Please upload the app to an Organization within the Flexible/Enterprise Plan’s Workspace.

Verify SDK

After uploading the app, verify the SDK’s proper integration. Visit the App Details Page, click on “Options,” and select “Package Archive.”

App details page to package archive

Select the revision you uploaded and look at the DeployGate SDK field. If it displays the message, “The capture feature is available,” the SDK integration is complete.

Package Archive

Package Archive Details