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On this page, we will provide an overview of Organizations.

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At DeployGate, members invited to an Organization have different permissions that depend on their assigned team.

Know Your Plan’s Features and Limits

Depending on your plan type, your Organization may have restrictions. For example, your Organization may have maximum limits for the number of members or teams. For more details, please log in to DeployGate and go to<Your Organization Name>/settings/payments.

Using Organizations Effectively

Organizations offer the ability to centrally manage app information when developing apps with multiple people. Multiple members can manage apps together. Assigning Organization members to “Teams” provides flexibility regarding access rights and permissions.

  • Your team includes not only the app developer, but also directors, designers, and/or other individuals.
  • You want non-developer users to also manage apps and distribution pages.
  • You want the ability to manage users who have access to the apps.

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Share Organization Dashboard with Multiple Developers​

Organizations allow multiple users to manage apps. It is safe and secure to share app management, as only explicitly designated users can access the Organization Dashboard, with no shared accounts or passwords involved.

Additionally, an administrative user can be responsible for user management so that tasks such as hiring/turnover/human resources management can be completed by dedicated staff. This enables developers and administrators to focus on their respective duties.

Manage App Permissions Through Teams​

You can create multiple teams for an Organization. (For Startup Plans, only the initial Tester Team is available) Each team can have multiple users and apps, and a team can have one of the following permissions.

  • Administrator: Access to all operations, including adding apps and managing users (some functions are excluded, such as payments)
  • Developer: Update existing apps and create distribution pages
  • Tester: Download apps only

These settings can prevent testers from accidentally updating an app. Development teams can manage their unpublished projects confidently without the worry of premature release to the public.